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Unleashing Excellence in Radiation Oncology: The Fuse Advantage

Christel Smith, CTO

Jun 6, 2024

Empowering Your Practice with Unmatched Standardization

At Fuse, our clinical consultants have journeyed through countless cancer centers nationwide, witnessing firsthand the dichotomy between advanced radiation therapy techniques and outdated operational processes. It’s astonishing how even the most innovative centers, pioneering the latest in radiation delivery, often rely on rudimentary methods for managing critical operational and billing processes. Picture this: crucial workflow instructions scribbled on sticky notes for all to see—an emblem of inefficiency. 

Radiation oncology billing is a labyrinthine challenge. Without clear, standardized rules, the potential for costly errors skyrockets. Even the most seasoned professionals can stumble in this complex terrain. Adding to this complexity is the increasing turnover in cancer centers and a growing reliance on temporary or rotating radiation therapists. To maintain revenue integrity and compliance, it's crucial that every staff member fully understands the charge capture process. This understanding hinges on organization-wide standardization and robust monitoring systems. 

Enter Fuse. 

When we partner with a client, our journey begins by delving into their electronic health records and oncology information systems (OIS). We scrutinize the services provided, how they've been documented—right down to the materials, dates, and codes. Leveraging our extensive expertise in radiation oncology billing and coding, we collaborate with clients to craft a set of rules tailored to their current workflow or to recommend an improved approach. Our experts address both common and obscure charges, uncovering missed revenue opportunities. By standardizing treatment capture rules, we provide clinics with essential "guide rails" to ensure accuracy and maximize revenue for performed services. 

Our innovative S!GNAL system proactively flags any deviations from these rules, enabling timely corrections before codes are exported for billing. This immediate feedback loop empowers users to learn and improve continually. 

The Fuse Difference 

Standardization is the cornerstone of successful clinical operations and future advancements. Fuse's AI-driven technology and expert consulting create a robust framework for capturing every patient visit with precision, consistency, and accuracy. S!GNAL’s automated tracking ensures seamless adherence to standardized rules, enhancing compliance and supporting denial management. Our commitment to individualized support, coupled with leading-edge technology, sets us apart in the industry, elevating providers in the delivery and documentation of exceptional care. 

Unlock Your Potential with Fuse 

Join us in transforming your practice with unparalleled standardization and innovation. Reach out to get started today and experience the Fuse difference—where precision meets performance. 


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