Fuse Oncology Unveils FuseDocs: Newest RadOnc Solution for Streamlining Clinical Documentation for Radiation Oncologists

James Bauler

Sep 29, 2023

Fuse also announces Syntyant, a new interoperable platform for RadOnc providing seamless connectivity among diverse healthcare technologies to accelerate delivery of care

BOONE, N.C., Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Fuse Oncology (Fuse) a trailblazing leader in radiation oncology software solutions, unveils their latest pioneering product, FuseDocs, today. This groundbreaking software leverages generative artificial intelligence (AI) to transform radiation oncology documentation, allowing oncologists to refocus their energies on patient care.

FuseDocs automatically and effortlessly generates clinical documentation, drastically reducing the time needed to produce essential records. By accurately generating the correct documents at the right time, human errors are reduced while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

President of Radiation Oncology Associates, PC, and the emeritus Chairman and Medical Director of the Department for Advanced Radiation Oncology and Proton Therapy for Inova Schar Cancer Institute Gopal K. Bajaj, MD MBA FASTRO said, "Fuse is not only introducing a product—they are ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation in radiation oncology. Their mission is clearly being realized—to empower radiation oncologists to provide the best care possible, and FuseDocs is a significant step in that direction."

FuseDocs represents a pivotal advancement in the field of radiation oncology. By replacing template-based approaches with fully automated documentation that leverages generative AI, the administrative burden is significantly reduced—empowering radiation oncologists to focus on what truly matters— providing exceptional patient care.

"We're excited to introduce FuseDocs to the radiation oncology community at ASTRO," said Fuse CEO James Bauler. "Our software leverages generative AI to create unprecedented efficiencies, enabling radiation oncologists to invest their time and talent in patient care, unburdened by administrative tasks. FuseDocs moves RadOnc one step closer to delivering care at the speed of the patient."

FuseDocs builds upon the success of Fuse's existing product, S!GNAL, which is creating a RadOnc world where workflows are automatically monitored for consistent adherence. A simple secure dashboard provides real-time feedback to assist healthcare systems and RadOnc clinics discover revenue opportunities by detecting missing documentation, incomplete tasks and errors in charge capture.

Along with FuseDocs, Fuse also unveiled today their interoperable platform for RadOnc, Syntyant, which provides seamless connectivity among diverse healthcare technologies including EMR, OIS, and planning systems to accelerate delivery of care.

Fuse will be at booth #1618 at the ASTRO conference from October 1-4 to showcase their suite of products and offer live FuseDocs demos.

About Fuse Oncology 

Fuse Oncology delivers SaaS solutions that break down healthcare workflow and data silos to create a seamless experience for clinicians in radiation oncology. By placing the broader electronic medical record system at the center of the architecture, Fuse eliminates duplicative and inefficient efforts to enable a future where oncology care moves at the speed of the patient. For more information about FuseDocs and its features, visit FuseOnc.com. Stay updated on our latest developments by following us on LinkedIn @fuseoncology.

SOURCE Fuse Oncology, Inc.


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