Bringing a Team Mindset to Drive Our Mission Through Expansion in 2024

James Bauler, CEO

Jan 9, 2024

If you’ve had the experience either personally or through a loved one navigating cancer care—and particularly radiation therapy—you likely share our belief here at Fuse Oncology: it needs improvement. As an industry, we can do better and we can be much more efficient. At Fuse, we’ve been assembled and called and granted the unique opportunity to do something about this. Our motivation is genuine and our plan secure. My friend and colleague Matt Terry, vice president of clinical consulting, recently paraphrased an age-old proverb that encapsulates our intentions to meet this commitment: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with the team. 

Last year was one of steady growth for Fuse, both in our internal team and our customer base. We listened, learned, and identified areas for advancement and improvement. We clearly defined our responsibilities and focused on communicating as a team to advance our primary goals. We refined a roadmap that allows us to provide a suite of products to the market so providers can deliver care at the speed of the patient. This concept is changing radiation therapy delivery in a lasting and meaningful way, and we’ve only just begun.  

In 2024, we’re excited to significantly expand the S!GNAL footprint nationally with top providers. Integrated Oncology Network (ION) is one such customer that will be using the solution to provide the highest standard of care and streamline its operations. Our new offering FuseDocs will be live at Cone Health, in Greensboro, N.C., early this year. Additional rollouts of the product—which leverages AI to generate clinical documentation—are expected for clinical testing as the year progresses. FuseDocs is built on the Syntyant platform, which facilitates seamless interoperability among various OIS, OS, and EMR platforms in radiation therapy delivery. This technology will allow providers to focus more on what matters most, patient care. 

On the horizon is also a strategic product collaboration we’ve solidified with the University of Michigan, which we’ll share more about at ASTRO 2024 (if not sooner). The innovation uses generative AI technology to advance radiation oncology workflow at the speed of the patient. As Fuse invests in sustained growth through partnerships with UoM and other industry leaders, we’ll continue to expand our installation base with great confidence in how we’ll improve radiation therapy delivery in 2024 and beyond. I welcome you to join us on the journey. 



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