Bain & Co. Report Details Healthcare IT Trends—Right Where Fuse Is Making Our Mark

Fuse Oncology

Feb 6, 2024

Bain & Co. released its Global Healthcare Private Equity Report highlighting healthcare IT and specifically automation as a top investment. It cited revenue cycle management (RCM)—including revenue integrity, charge capture, and complex claims management—as a “top priority” as well as “solutions that tightly integrate with existing software, optimize clinical workflows, and leverage generative AI.” Their predictions for healthcare IT advancements are very much in line with the position of Fuse to successful guide healthcare providers to more efficient operations. 

The January report addressed healthcare information technology from an investment perspective, as well as macroeconomically. Inflation, labor shortages, and reimbursement are pushing healthcare providers toward greater automation to raise labor productivity, resulting in investments around workforce management and RCM solutions. Leveraging emerging artificial intelligence (AI) models will support process efficiencies and outcome improvements.  

This is exactly how our customers are experiencing organization-wide improvements as a result of their partnerships with Fuse. The time- and labor-intensive tasks around charge capture have consistently weighed providers down. With a supply and demand mismatch in the labor market and tight margins, they simply cannot afford the inefficiencies. Rad onc providers require solutions that will save time and uncover revenue, functions enabled by S!GNAL technology. They also need solutions that integrate with existing software and technology to make workflow seamless and implementation simple. S!GNAL makes it easy to monitor performance and quickly respond to issues across the enterprise with smooth integration with multiple EHRs, R&V systems, and OISs using standards such as FHIR, HL7, and SQL. Using AI, it flags missing documentation, incomplete tasks or orders, and incorrect charges entered when they happen. By applying both clinical and business intelligence proactively, significant ROI materializes. This is the future. 

A proactive approach to RCM is one way Fuse is getting noticed in the healthcare IT market. As this area continues to attract interest, we’ll keep improving our platform to help clinicians focus on what matters most—treating patients. 


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